A few very exciting things to share: 


* This year marks 11 for my "Acoustic Doorways Concert Series" co - presented with the wonderful RCS Community Library.  This year we are mixing it up as we step into our second decade.  I will be performing in two of the four concerts opening up the opportunity to present and introduce the community to two performing groups that I do not have any professional affiliation with.  This year we are presenting two groups that feature prolific artists that reside in our own area.  First Al Kash; incredibly talented and globally traveled drummer / percussionist who will be driving the wonderful energetic music of Playing With Fire and then Thomasina Winslow who was born into a local familiy who was deeply connected to the royalty of the old blues styles.  Thomasina honors the music of her foundation but most certainly is creating her own world within it.  Here's to the next 10 years of incredibly diverse music, dance and spoken word.  Looking back on the past 10 years I am really very pleased that I was able to introduce to my community such diversity that resides with in an hour or 60 miles from our area.  I am honored beyond words to be a part of such a rich community.  Please check back so you can see who will be joining us for our 12th year.



* Keeping with my desire to create opportunities to present diverse concerts and informances drawing on the amazing group of different artists that I am blessed to work with - I am working currently on securing our third season of our 4 part concert series entitled "One World" co-presented with the Athen's Cultural Art Center, Athen's, NY.  Please check back as we confirm our artists and our schedule. 


Wanted to share moments from our second "ONE WORLD" Concert Series: 2018


~ Franklin Micare Trio, April 21st.  Featuring Adult Contemporary Mix



~ Shiri Zorn & George Muscatello Trio, May 19th.  Featuring mix of Jazz, Brazilian and Spoken Word



~ Golfstrom - European Pop 30's thru 60's and Beyond, September 22nd.  Featuring a mix of Italian, French, Russian & Jewish



~ Bernstein Bard Quartet, October 6th. Featuring mix of dance music for waltz, tango, swing, fox trot and pop music




* Very excited to be releasing a first time Audio / Video project which was recorded LIVE during my debut solo performance in 2016 at the infamous Caffe' Lena. The recording will be entitled "An Evening With A Percussionist"  You will be able to enjoy the music from the performance in your cd player as well as enjoy the video which is a composite of the entire performance on your computer. Very happy to finally present something that has been requested by many folks who enjoy my work with a project that shows throughout the video a nice cross section of diverse percussion that I use as my musical voice - both in performance as well as sharing the background of each instrument in what I hope is a fun but interesting approach.  Please look out for it.  My goal is to have it out early 2018.  Joining me as my special guest is my dear friend and remarkable artist; Studio Stu on vocals and his "one of a kind - Studivarious".


* Honored to have been asked to add what I do to upcoming recording projects for: Sharon Klien, Seth and The Moodymelix, Seth Warden Trio, Steve Canlon, and Marcus Ruggiero & Side Show Gypsy

* Recent Commercial Recorded Release's:

: Sam Reed - Differences

: John Stevens - Savanna Moon 


* Please check my calendar for upcoming concerts and festivals with Cathie Ryan, Maria Z, Joy Adler and the Souls of Evolution, Seth and the Moody Melix, Seth Warden Trio, Elizabeth Woodbury - Kasius & Heard, Bernstein Bard Quintet, Ellen Sinopoli's Dance Company, Golfstrom, Kevin McKrell, The NEW McKrell's, Franklin Micare, Sonny and Perley, Peggy Delaney, Shiri Zorn, George Muscatello, Marcus Ruggiero & Side Show Gypsy, and Reggie Harris


Thank you for taking time out to visit me.
Stay Well and Safe on the Road...

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