Television / Radio: (Show, Station, Artist(s))
Schenectady Today Show - Wednesday Edition w/ Ann Parillo, Ch 16, Promoting Educational Programs
Don Weeks, WGY, McKrells, Maria Zemantauski, Monica Wilson
Sounding Board, Time Warner Cable, McKrells, Maria Zemantauski & Marcus Ruggiero
Bring It On Home, WAMC - NPR, Artie & Happy Traum
Wanda Fisher, WAMC - NPR, McKrells
Rachel Phillips, WAMC - NPR, McKrells
Paul Elisha, WAMC - NPR, McKrells & Maria Zemantauski
Dancing On The Air, WAMC - NPR, Leslie Ritter / Amy Fraden & Caribe' Mambo & Zoe B. Zak, Martha Gallagher
Dr. Allen Shartok, WRGB - Ch 6, McKrells
"Hard Days are Gone: Irish in the Capitol District," PBS, McKrells
McKrells "In Concert", PBS
Wendy Gatlin & Lisa Reichwein, WRVR, The McKrells
Woodstock Round Table, WDST, Zoe B. Zak
Bill Parmeter, WUMB Radio, The McKrells
Melodies of Christmas, Ch 6 CBS, The McKrells
"Live" from Linda Norris Theatre, WAMC, The McKrells, Community Drumming
Performance Place, WAMC, Maria Z
Performance Place, WAMC, Elizabeth Woodbury & Heard
Dusty Corners, WRPI, Maria Z
Echoes, Aine Minogue, NPR
Studio 10, WTSP CBS, Cathie Ryan
Paula Deen LIVE, Seth Warden Trio, Internet Channel
Farmhouse Rules, Seth Warden Trio, Food Network
LookTV, Heard, Independent TV
Beyond The Brick, youtube channel




Brian Melick aka uduboy, Percussion on SoundBetter

a bit of a performance video

with Cathie Ryan and the Grand Rapids Symphony

Performances Highlighting: Schlagwerk Dual Cajon

a sample of my work in education

Dreamers of Our Future

Lego Drum Set - World Premier

Excerpt from "NY Banjo Summit" at the Egg

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